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Customer testimonials

By: Chris Reynolds

The friendly and honest people at Carter’s Transmissions went above and beyond repairing my vehicle. My repairs required follow up, and Jake and John at the South Congress location always greeted me with honest answers and a good attitude. They fixed my vehicle at a reasonable price and with quality customer service. Thank you!


By: Mark

When the word gets out on these guys they’ll be swamped with work. Why? Because besides being excellent mechanics you can trust them! I had the air conditioning system replaced in my 95 Honda Civic. Not an inexpensive job but it needed to be done. The manager, Ken, is honest and a pleasure to work with and all of the mechanics I observed had good attitudes. I also spoke with Edmund (he worked on my car) and he was also very proficient and had a good attitude. I have recommended these guys to other friends because it can be very tough to find honest mechanics. Ken took the time to advise me on several items that I chose to not have fixed right now. No problem. He gave me an idea of what potential costs would be and helped me to have a more informed understanding of the condition of my car. As far as attention to detail, one of the parts they had ordered to put into my air conditioning system proved to be defective out of the box. This was not their fault. The part arrived defective


On Time

I have a Chevrolet S10 Blazer that no one else could repair!
I towed it in to repair shop after repair shop only to get towed in myself.
Jake repaired it the first time in. Thanks again Carter’s for such good work!!!
January 2010

Great Service

I had a non-cooling A/C. Thought I might have some huge compressor problem, but turns out I just
needed a dose of freon. Brian helped me on the spot (on a hot day) and explained dual a/c versus
non-dual a/c and why the passenger side was cooler than the driver’s. Maybe not the most exciting
info, but good to know before you or an untrustworthy mechanic works you up about something that
was just as simple as a little freon recharge and a little common sense regarding A/C’s.

Pros: getting your car fixed quick by nice people by leslieviator


Good people, good work

Took a 2000 AWD explorer in after periodically feeling like I was driving over rumble strips. I wasn’t able
to describe the problem or how to reproduce it very well, though, and I didn’t insist on going on the initial drive with the mechanic. In the process of trying to find what I was talking about, he found that my front differential was chewing up the end of the axle and needed to be rebuilt. Upon getting the car back, I was able to trigger the “shudder” again and when I got back to Carter’s the mechanic jumped right in with me to see what I was talking about. Fortunately I was able to get the shudder to happen again and he knew immediately that it was coming from in the transmission. When we got back, Doug gave me a very reasonable estimate for rebuilding the transmission and discounted down to that $ amount when the actual work came to a little more. So, yes, I did pay for both repairs when I was expecting one, but the prices were very reasonable, the repairs needed to be performed, and they were great folks to work with. The only thing I would do differently would be to insist on going on the initial test drive since the main shudder issue was hard to reproduce and I knew I wasn’t describing it very well to them.


Good price for my transmission

Based on the good review here, I called for an estimate for rebuilding the transmission of my Ford minivan.
Doug gave me the options and price range, I was interested in the 3y / 50kmiles warranty. The estimate on
the phone was detailed enough that I decided to go with them, the estimate was $1,000 lower than my regular
shop at Oak Hill. Doug called me twice to update me on the actual repair and gave me option to go cheaper with less warranty. What I liked: excellent contact from the first call, provided options, price was good with warranty, I didn’t have to mention the $100 coupon found on their website neither bring a copy, included towing

I just picked up my minivan, and I’ll keep this forum up to date if I have any issue, but so far so good.


Carter’s Transmissions was great

Thank you for the kind words. Keep us in mind in the future as we are a full-service repair shop. There are
other useful coupons on the website for anything from major repairs to inexpensive oil changes. Remember
to bring in the vehicle for the recheck in about two weeks; you will be able to wait on the vehicle as it only
takes about ten minutes.


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